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October 29, 2016
Anabolic Steroids for Sale

A couple days ago, I sent you Part 1 to Anthony Robert’s guide to Juicing Women. Here’s a link to Part 1 in case you missed it. Today I have Part 2 to his guide to Juicing Women . Today, we’ll look at how women can use Proviron, Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, and Primobolan.

Juicing Women – Part 2

By: Anthony Roberts
From the desk of Anthony Roberts
Professional Bodybuilding Coach

Steroids recommended for female usage are the ones considered “mild cutting agents” by the male bodybuilding community including: Anavar, Masteron, Proviron, Deca and Winstrol. Each of the substances possess a very low androgenic rating while providing strong anabolic effects, which in turn means less risk of side effects (more commonly experienced with more harsh/androgenic compounds). There are quality gains in muscle experienced with out huge weight gains or water retention. In low doses, any of them are reasonably safe. Lets take look at each of these compounds more closely.


Proviron is an extremely powerful hardening agent in a female. One of my female clients who struggled with estrogenic fat storage, especially her legs reported noticing a defined tear drop in her quadriceps with in 2 days of the addition of Proviron. Like Anavar, Proviron is easy on the liver and not likely to cause much toxicity, if at all. Proviron is not very anabolic, but similar to Masteron, is a useful antiestrogenic compound. Proviron provides a hard, quality look to muscle, and an overall improvement in the look of the female physique.

Although 12.5-25 mgs per day is a tolerable dose which should not produce intolerable negative side effects, virilization will become a concern if used in higher dosages by a female. Again, caution should be taken when increasing any dose.


Deca-durabolin, more commonly known as "Deca" is popularly used to add muscle to wasting AIDS patients which therefore has given it a great reputation in the bodybuilding world as a muscle building steroid. Although it has been seen in both bulking and cutting cycles, Deca is more commonly used in a female bulking cycle in hopes to put on muscle for upper levels of competition. Deca has often been found to cause a large amount of water retention as well as aggression and mood swings in female users. There is a huge strength increase and gym performance is stellar. There is also a large weight gain (mostly water retention and some fat) associated with its use in females but it is often over looked because of the intense strength and muscle building effects.

Deca is an anti-inflammatory, improves collagen synthesis and ultimately a joint soother, which is beneficial to athletes who struggle with connective tissue problems.

Injections are typically spaced apart by a week, regardless of total dose because of its long lasting half-life. A typical recommended cycle is 10-12 weeks in length.


Winstrol (STanozolol), which is available in both oral and injectable forms, is a common favorite of female anabolic users. It is a very potent hardener and often used as a cheaper substitute to Anavar and produces all of the benefits associated with the use of anavar and is much less damaging on the bank account. Unfortunately, it is however, more potentially damaging to the female user. There is a higher risk for potential side effects, most commonly loss of scalp hair, clitoral enlargement and temporary deepening or cracking of the voice. A quality look can be attained with its use and is extremely common in the world of physique competitors with many positive physiqe effects. Winstrol is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) variant and cannot be converted to estrogen, nor is it progestenic.

Women typically use 10-25mgs per day, with the high end of that being reserved for competitive bodybuilders and figure competitors. Of course, acne, hairloss and (in women) clitoral hypertrophy are very real concerns.

It must also be noted that Winstrol can cause severe liver toxicity if used for too long or in too high of a dosage. Winstrol has one of the worst hepatoxicity (mg for mg) of any steroid. Often sore joints are also associated with its use.

Primobolan (Injectable and oral):

Primobolan, like Winstrol is one of those rare drugs that is available in both oral as well as injectable form.

The injectable version of Primobolan is likely the most expensive anabolic typically seen on the black market, and is also the most commonly counterfeited. Most women use 50-100mgs/week of the injectable version, and find that it produces very nice results for them.

Primobolan Tablets, on the other hand, haven’t really been seen on the black market in years. I only know one girl who has ever actually used them, and she was exceptionally well connected in the world of black market anabolics.

Although controversial, it has be proven time and time again that Anabolic Steroids can be used safely among the female fitness population. There is no doubt that women run a far greater risk from the anabolic use than men do. A sensible approach needs to be undertaken; with caution replacing the current mindset of random experimentation and listening to "gurus” and uneducated boyfriends seeking to sculpt themselves the perfect trophy girlfriend. When mild anabolics such as Anavar, Masteron, Proviron, Deca, Winstrol are used properly by females, the benefits in their physique and athletic performance can be not only absolutely amazing but also much less expensive at the lower dosages females take to obtain the same benefits that their jealous male gym buddies need much larger and costlier amounts to obtain.

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