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August 8, 2017
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Natural anabolic substances are the answer for many bodybuilders, competitive athletes and regular people looking to support strength and muscle gain. But until recently, proven natural anabolics didn't exist. They do now. Three of the most effective of these natural anabolics are discussed below.


Recently, ecdysterone was found to occur naturally in plants (e.g., Suma and Rhaponticum). Today, ecdysterone is available to bodybuilders everywhere. Ecdysterone is an exciting discovery because it's thought to be a natural anabolic agent. In fact, biochemists have classified ecdysterone as a biostimulator: a biologically-active substance which can exert anabolic actions in the body.

Just how powerful can ecdysterone be? Most of the ecdysterone studies to date have taken place in Eastern Europe and Russia. Initial reports found that ecdysterone possessed a wide spectrum of anabolic effects on skeletal muscle. Similarly, according to FLEX magazine, Russian studies have found that ecdysterone may support an "anabolic effect in animals".

How do these phytoecdysones work? From anecdotal reports, 100mg of ecdysterone can help increase nitrogen retention. The nitrogen-sparing effects ecdysterone can benefit the bodybuilder by increasing the amount of muscle that can be accumulated. During a state of positive nitrogen balance, protein is used towards building muscle.


Whether you know it as methoxy, methoxivone, methoxyisoflavone, or 5-methyl-7-methoxyisoflavone, this anabolic flavone compound is the most widely talked about new bodybuilding supplement in years. According to its U.S. Patent, methoxy claims to be an "anabolically effective compound" that was developed to "produce significant weight gain increase, " specifically fat-free lean mass. Furthermore, the patent document indicated that while methoxy was "highly anabolic", it did not exert any "androgenic" effects. This fact alone makes it highly attractive for bodybuilders.

A compelling human study has supported methoxy's ability to significantly increase fat-free mass. Conducted at the University of Delaware, researchers examined fourteen healthy weight-trained men. Half supplemented with methoxy, the other half did not. At the end of eight weeks, the placebo group experienced an increase in body fat by 1.6 lb. In the methoxy group, the athletes on average dropped 2.9 lb of fat while simultaneously increasing lean mass by 2.8 lb.* Interestingly, these results were obtained even though the athletes continued using their other supplements, indicating that methoxy can work alongside other supplements.

Researchers have theorized that methoxy works by boosting the anabolic drive: increasing protein synthesis, enhancing protein utilization, promoting a positive nitrogen balance, and reducing protein catabolism (muscle breakdown) by supporting normal cortisol balance.* There are multiple claims that suggest methoxy functions as a nutrition-partitioning agent. It is thought that methoxy works by shuttling the nutrients you consume (e.g., protein), selectively into muscle mass. In other words, more of the foods you eat goes into muscle-building, not fat storage. And maximizing muscle growth is the goal of every bodybuilder.

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