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December 4, 2016
Steroids are miraculous but

anadrol steroidAnadrol (Oxymetholone) is a steroid that was developed in 1960 by Zoltan and is a synthetic anabolic steroid. The reason it was developed was primarily to treat osteoporosis and anemia. It was also recommended for stimulating muscle growth in malnourished or underdeveloped patients. Before you decide to take this anabolic and androgenic compound, it is important to read several Anadrol 50 steroid profiles so that you become familiar with the effects. Click here to buy Anadrol 50 online.

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Anadrol ReviewsAnadrol Steroid Review

Anadrol is considered by many to be one of the strongest steroids on the market in the category of androgenic steroids. It’s extremely powerful in promoting gains in body mass due to its unique ability to dramatically improve the synthesis of proteins in the body. Anadrol is also used to protect joints when carrying a heavy load or when doing a very intensive workout. This synthetic anabolic steroid is known for having the strongest anabolic effects on the body of any oral steroid.

Gains and Benefits of Anadrol 50

After consistently using Anadrol steroids for several weeks the gains made seem to be sustainable and using this drug does not cause any negative side effects unless it’s of poor quality, being used indiscriminately or abused in some way. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the use of Anadrol is linked with sustained improvements in terms of:

• Handling extreme workouts
• Recovering after being injured
• Dealing with aggression
• Retaining nitrogen

Anadrol ResultsUsing Anadrol will also improve red blood cell count, which helps the body’s muscles absorb more oxygen, which enhances stamina and performance. See the best cycles and stacks for bodybuilders with Anadrol here.

Oxymetholone Steroidal Properties

The active ingredient in the drug is Oxymetholone. Anadrol also contains starch, lactose, povideone, and magnesium stearate as inactive ingredients. Anadrol’s chemical structure is 17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one. The molecular formula is C21H32O. It’s included in the family of drugs known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) possessing a half-life of about 8 to 9 hours. It can be detected in the body over a span of 6 to 8 weeks. The melting point of the drug is 178° – 180°C.

The anabolic/androgenic ratio of Anadrol is 320:45 and this compound is not a progestin having any progestenic properties. At the base, the molecular weight of Anadrol is 332.48g/mol. Anadrol is also called “A50” and sometimes “A-bombs”. It comes in a variety of forms including pills, capsules and injections. It can be purchased online using a variety of safe payment options, and a prescription is not necessary.

Steroid Results anadrol steroid review

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