What are anabolic steroids?

May 19, 2018
What are anabolic steroids?

No doubt you've heard of the horror stories involving steroids and of course we have all seen the freakish end result of steroids each year up on the Olympia stage. I though it might be both refreshing and a little more relevant to write a blog detailing how a normal guy with average genetics would fair using steroids. I completed a 10 week cycle with and additional 3 weeks post recovery and have included all the steroids I chose to use and why, the positive and negative results and what kind of training regime I undertook. I'm not here to discuss the ethics of taking steroids, nor am I promoting the use of them and I am by no means an expert of any kind. This is merely a blog of one guy’s experience.

Let me begin with a quick self introduction. At age 16 I was 188cm tall and weighed 65 kg. For a teenager who liked physically competitive sports that tall rake like body simply had to change. I had always admired the physics of my favorite cartoon characters such as Superman and the Hulk. Their massive shoulders and rippling arms had long been something I had aspired to. So, at age 16 I began weight training. Like any new sport it took some time to fully understand the weight lifting ethos and master all the basic techniques, but After some time I began to see progress and once I felt that awesome sensation of my first bicep pump I was hooked. I made steady progress into my mid 20's until I was struck down with 2 serious injuries due to football. These injuries cost me 2 years of training and ended my competitive sport playing days.

Since about the age of 26 I've trained constantly with only a few minor injuries and interruptions. I’m currently 33years old and although I was happy with my state of my body there was a desire deep within me to become bigger and stronger. As I passed 30 years of age I found myself training more to just keep in shape than to make progress. 5 nights a week of weight lifting at gym had become 3 nights a week lifting and 2 nights of cardio just to keep the love handles at bay and the weight down. I decided I wanted more than to just tread water. In my early years of training I tried every kind of protein powder imaginable. The only result I noticed from using protein drinks and pill were that my wallet always seemed lighter than it should have been. I began to search the net and tried to find as much information as possible before taking the next step. After a month or so of comparing prices, side effects, benefits, risks and rewards I apprehensively made the decision to try my first cycle of steroids.

My First Cycle

After deciding on Anabolic247.com as my supplier I then had to decide on a specific body goal that I wanted to obtain. Before starting my cycle I was 188cm and weighed in at a tubby 97kgs. I had reasonable arms and chest but my waist was flabby and unattractive and I had no vascular to speak of. So, I made the decision that I wanted to increase my overall size and muscularity whilst narrowing my waist and perhaps see those elusive abdominal muscles that had been hidden for so many years. For these reasons I decide to stack two well-known mass building steroids, Deca Durabolin and Sustanon. I wasn't sure about how to lose the weight as I had tried everything I could think of but fortunately Anabolic247.com sent me some complimentary Clenbuterol. I had never heard of this product before but it was by far the best product I've used to burn away the fat and also provide a noticeably energy burst if taken before training. I used Vitamin B-6 to help my liver deal with all the extra work I was forcing upon it. I also used Nolvadex to ensure or protect against the horrid side effect of gynecomastia (man boob syndrome),

My first cycle was 10 weeks on the juice and then about 3 weeks waiting for my body’s androgen level to drop to a low enough level. Then 20 days on post recovery cycle. Here’s a rough outline of what I did.


Deca Durabolin


Vitamin B-6




Week 1




Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14


Week 15

Week 16

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

300 mg

100 mg

50 mg

Training Schedule

Below is my basic training schedule. It is very simple, never working more than 2 muscle groups at a time. I often change the upper body combinations to make sure each workout is a little different. Monday could just as well be chest/triceps or even chest/back.

I think it's important to always be thinking about your workouts ahead of time. So when you enter the gym you have the whole work out planned out in your mind. Also I carried a small note book with me and just kept a log of what exercises I did and how many sets, reps and the weights I lifted. It’s very easy to forget from one week to the next exactly what you did the previous week.

Source: www.streetdirectory.com
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