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October 6, 2015
How to Choose the Best Protein

Warrior Belnd offers the highest amount of protein per unit weight that comes from three different plants. No irksome additives and no problem with taste and texture. And to make things better the price is what it should be.

SunWarrior's Warrior Blend powder is made from hemp, pea and cranberry proteins. All three sources complement each other making this protein powder almost perfect. For instance, Hemp by itself is somewhat deficient in the essential amino acid lysine. This weakness is compensated by cranberry, which is more than 10 % lysine!

This is why SunWarrior has a high lysine content, actually the best you can hope to come across in a vegan protein powder. Lysine in this protein powder is very handy for vegans because they are very likely to be getting less than what they need from the rest of their diet and SunWarrior will balance it out for them. This may be one of the most beneficial supplements for vegans.

Another part where the different types of proteins are complementary is digestion time. Pea protein is fast to digest when compared to other plant proteins. This means Sunwarrior will give you an immediate boost that will help during or after workout. Hemp protein on the other hand enters bloodstream over a longer period of time, making Sunwarrior great as a dietary supplement and for muscle recovery.

Warrior Blend's overall protein content is the best you can hope to see in a vegan powder. There is 20 g per scoop, which is 80 % of total weight of the product. Plus, you get only 5 calories per gram of protein, which is again the best ratio available. There is one gram of fat per scoop. Both hemp and cranberry proteins are rich in essential fatty acids i.e. omega 3 and omega 6, so the fat in the formula may be more of an advantage than a concern.

Sunwarrior's formula includes a gum blend consisting of fenugreek gum, knojac gum and guar gum. These are natural stuff that make the powder more satiating. Great for keeping you filled.

Unlike the Garden of Life protein reviewed above, people seem to be rather happy with the taste and mixability of this vegan protein powder. Of course there are a few who don't like the taste but most endorse it a nice tasting and easily mixed powder that is also very healthy and brings about good results.

The company names the Warrior Blend protein as organic compliant but it has yet to receive the USDA certification. Apparently, they are working on it and the brand has products that are USDA certified so I'm pretty sure this one will be admitted soon and I can confidently call Warrior Bland protein organic.

Considering the many pros and the next to zero cons it bears, I see no reason for not recommending SunWarrior Blend Protein as a great buy for vegans looking for a decent protein source. This is the powder that offers the best for its price and you can rest assured that your body will end up happy with the nutrients it provides.

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