Best Vanilla protein powder

November 13, 2016

Vanilla embodies the idea that "simple is best." Vanilla doesn't need insane flavor combinations or add-ons to make it delicious, but it works wonderfully with just about anything. Vanilla forms the base of many of life's most wonderful treats: vanilla wafers, vanilla ice cream, vanilla cupcakes, and more.

If you're a fan of vanilla, whether on its own or whipped together with other exciting flavors, this list of best-tasting protein powders is right up your alley. Add a scoop to your blended protein smoothie, yogurt, baked goods, or oatmeal. However you use it, it's hard to go wrong with vanilla!


Overall Rating

Out of 10


As Of 7/7/2015

"Flavors were delicious. Not just to protein shake standards, either. The flavors were so good that I actually craved protein shakes more than junk food."

"Best blended protein hands down. Converting more into a BSN fan. Products are quality."

"The best protein powder out there! Some flavors are better than others, but the qualities far surpass all of the other samples I have tried. You simply cannot go wrong with Combat!"

"I love how the proteins are more tasting like desserts than just standard shakes. It really helps curb the sweet tooth."


"The first protein powder I actually like the taste of and can get down easily."

"Tastes great and gets results. That's what I love about Syntha—it's as simple as that and no funny business."

"Tastes great! Look forward to it; it is an excellent and an effective product!"

"Great-tasting protein that mixes with ease. I totally love Phase 8 and will be using it throughout the rest of my offseason prep for the next contest."

"MuscleTech did an outstanding job with the flavoring of this protein powder. It was sweet and appetizing to fulfill those cravings while being a clean and healthy addition to my diet. The flavor reminded me of ice cream with its sweet aroma and taste."


"Having been completely satisfied with Dymatize Fusion 7 protein powder, I have ordered it again. The taste is great, and it quickly blends into whatever liquid I've tried it with."

"I use Elite Fusion first thing in the morning, after workouts, and before bed. I have enjoyed using this product for months. It also tastes amazing!"

"It mixes great just with water and tastes great! I can't wait to start making it into a smoothie now that I know it tastes so good with just water."

"Finally found an awesome protein that offers a great tasting product while providing essential nutrients to help me reach my goals."


"I love the Isoburn Vanilla. I make it a delicious ice cream as well as an excellent shake alone or with added ingredients. It's delicious and I highly recommend it!"

"Nothing but positive things to say about this protein. From the flavoring to the profile, it is awesome."

"I was amazed at the taste. It tasted just like vanilla and was really sweet. The profile on it is very good. Great to add to your cutting stack."

"This protein is one of the best I've ever had. It mixes well with everything. The taste is fantastic, and I highly recommend it."

"This stuff mixes great, even with milk. I haven't had the chocolate flavor yet, but the vanilla tastes great with milk or water."

"This is the best tasting protein and love taking this for a snack meal."


"Great product and love the taste! Man, you feel it right after you take it; will buy it again."

"Amazing taste and mixability. Good source of late night protein before I go to bed."

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