What is the best tasting protein powder?

August 1, 2015
How to Flavor Plain Protein

There are hundreds of protein powders out there, in my opinion, here are the five best in the USA based upon quality, low cost, taste, muscle building ability, and health – see section below. Please see also:

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They are all excellent protein powders, you cant go wrong with any of them! Start by looking at the price for a 30g serving of protein, thats what matters to most people. If you are cutting and trying to lose fat then look at the “% Protein” column, that is the percent of the calories from protein. Ideally it would be 100% but no filtering process is perfect and some trace carbs are left in, also, some protein powders add a bit of sugar. Note that these prices were current as of 8/29/2014 but they will fluctuate a lot. Be especially aware of shipping costs as that can make a huge change in the price, many offer free shipping. Also, the links I have provided to find the product are general search links. The reason for that on a daily basis, new sellers offer the specified product and often the newer offerings are cheaper. Make sure to check the label carefully and make sure it matches the information in the table before buying!

The good news is that in two years the industry has really cleaned up its act and now “Natural” really seems to mean natural in most cases. Two years ago, I could not find one single protein powder that didn’t have artificial sweeteners and now there are lots of them! Yeah team! The other good news is that as the organic products become more popular and volumes increase, the prices are coming down. In the last year, the price of organic whey has dropped by 50%. You can now get the Jarrow Organic for $1.94 for a 30 gram serving of protein and although thats expensive compared to the 88 cents for the Jarrow non-organic products, its still cheaper than what you would find at a GNC store. Keep an eye on those organic whey prices!!!

As I have always stated clearly on my Support Scoobysworkshop page, I do make a small percentage if the product I link to is thru amazon – its one of the ways I can afford to spend so much time and effort on a free website like this. Compiling all these protein lists took a full week of my time. I personally buy all my protein powder thru amazon because 1)their customer service is excellent 2) their prices are excellent 3) their shipping is free. If you can find lower prices elsewhere (including shipping) then do it!

Source: scoobysworkshop.com
Best Tasting Protein Powder Best Review
Best Tasting Protein Powder Best Review
Syntha 6 - The Best Tasting Protein Powder
Syntha 6 - The Best Tasting Protein Powder

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