Dairy Free Energy Bars

October 30, 2015
Dark Chocolate Almond Bar

SHIPPING INCLUDED (3 bar sampler only). If you tried our trial run bars, in comparison, this gluten free, allergy friendly batch will have smaller bits of pumpkin seeds and apples in them, the chocolate chips will be mostly melted into the batter (spreading their delicious flavor more evenly through the bar), and the coconut flavor has more dates to make it smoother and less dry. The taste profiles are utterly delicious. organic and peanut free

Bars may not be shipped in a ZEGO branded box.

ZEGO’s gluten free energy bars are made from organic, non-GMO foods that are naturally gluten free. We choose nutrient-packed poppy, chia, pumpkin, sacha inchi and sunflower seeds to maximize the protein, fiber and healthy fats in the bars. [Sacha inchi seeds are an ancient Mayan food that has 17 times Omega 3s than sockeye salmon. We use the seed meal that is available after the oils are crushed and drained from the seed to boost the protein level in our bars. That’s it–no enzymes, no chemicals.] We mix the seeds and protein with energizing dates and a bit of sorghum syrup to sweeten and compliment the flavors. After that, we add in our flavor ingredients–apples and cinnamon or chocolate chips and cocoa or coconut. Good nutrition should always be this simple.

And, to keep you as safe as possible, in addition to being produced at a facility free of the top 14 allergens and gluten (except coconut), we test every batch of our bars for cross contact with major allergens and gluten. You can access the results for your bar by scanning the QR Z-Code on the front or using the SMS code on the back of our packages. We designed ZEGO bars to give you Peace of Mind.

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