Energy Power Bar Elite Soundbar

September 15, 2015
The Energy Power Bar Elite
  • Two-way speaker driver design
  • Digital optical and RCA cables included
  • 10" Wireless side-firing subwoofer
  • Features Dolby Digital Decoder
  • 3D Surround Mode
  • Remote control learning feature and included remote
  • Proprietary Convergent Source Module (CSM) technology for increased dispersion
  • Elegant black satin finish

The Energy Power™ Bar Elite was developed to both significantly improve television and movie sound and give you the option of simulating a multi-speaker surround sound system. It instantly upgrades your sound system without requiring a receiver. Just plug in and sit back. The power is undeniable.

The Energy Power Bar Elite is a true, two-way speaker driver design similar to that used in a fine music loudspeaker. A .75" tweeter is mated to dual 3" midbass drivers for highly detailed, high output sound for almost any size room. Those drivers are aligned in the exclusive Energy Convergent Source Module, allowing the soundbar to deliver wide dispersion, low distortion and flat frequency response. Translation: huge sound that's also acutely accurate.

The soundbar is designed to quickly connect to most TV's without purchasing additional cables, allowing you to have your new system set up in no time. All the cables are included for digital optical and RCA inputs. The built-in Dolby Digital Decoder allows the soundbar to automatically reproduce detailed, high-quality sound no matter what format of sound is coming from the TV's output.

The soundbar comes complete with a 10" wireless side-firing subwoofer that will capture every thundering boom, while maintaining its stylish, classy look.

The remote control learning feature allows the system to function via your existing TV remote or you have the option of using the included wireless remote. Use the included remote to turn on the 3D Surround Mode, which adds spaciousness to the sound, simulating the effect of having multiple speakers surrounding you.

The soundbar can be positioned on its own feet on a shelf or stand, or can be wall-mounted using the included easy-to-use template. The 2.5" soundbar depth provides for an aesthetic matchup to either a wall-mounted or stand-placed TV set.

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