Peanut Free Energy Bars

May 30, 2015
Easy (Nut free) Energy Bars

nut%20free%20labelFor a long time now, I’ve been kind of flailing at this whole balanced nutrition thing and being really physically active has only made me flail even more. Therefore, I figured it was time to take a look at energy bars… again. For most people out there, energy bars are a no brainer. Grab one that sounds appetizing and with the desired amount of nutrients and go. But for cool kids with nut allergies like me, it’s a totally different story. We get to stare at the deliciously named snacks and sulk. It’s a sad existence devoid of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, PB&J sandwiches, and trail mix.

As most people are probably aware, stuff like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts are absolutely chock full of protein, so energy bar manufacturers tend to gravitate towards those types of ingredients instead of things like soy protein, whey protein, and other types of nut-free proteins. Why? Well, I’m thinking it has a lot to do with price, taste, and appearance. If you aren’t cramming a bar full of peanuts, what else can you put in it?

But anyways, back to us nut allergy peeps. I decided recently that there MUST be some nut free energy bars out there, so I started looking and looking at the places I normally shop. Pretty quickly I found a bunch and decided it was review time. So… enjoy.

NOTE: All of these energy bars came with the “May contain traces of nuts” warning, so if you’re seriously overwhelmingly and epically allergic to nuts (we’re talking like anaphylactic shock), this list won’t work for you.

Don’t be intimidated by the odd and sometimes unappetizing shapes of Clif Bars. I swear they’re actually pretty good!

Very reminiscent of a chocolate flavored rice krispie treat, and that’s pretty awesome. It has a pretty pleasant flavor throughout especially with the chocolate chips and sweet chewiness. Surprisingly satisfying and makes for a good afternoon snack. Also important to note, this is now Rob’s favorite which works out well since Chocolate Brownie is my favorite. Muah-haha!

This energy bar is by far my favorite, and I’m always slightly sad when I realize I’ve come to my last bite. It tastes just like a brownie, but denser and more satisfying bite after bite. It has a really consistent dark chocolate taste throughout, but it isn’t overpowering at all which makes it really ideal for a snack anytime of the day.

I’ll admit I’ve been eating these for breakfast for the past week, and they pretty much rock at keeping my mind off snacking for a few hours. Oh, and totally helps with that whole sweet tooth issue!

Nutritional information can be found here (select the flavor).

Ugh! Thanks to being a rock climber, I actually do know what chalk tastes like and I’m fairly sure chewing on my chalk ball would taste better.

The Balance Cookie Dough looks pretty appetizing when you first open up the wrapper since all you see is what appears to be chocolate. Even a bite in, it still looks good with cookie dough as far as you can see. But it’s all a sad imposter. It doesn’t taste like chocolate or cookie dough. Fail.

I also have no idea if this would satisfy hunger cravings or not. I didn’t make it that far, but feel free to check out the nutritional information here.

Good texture, but the flavor just really wasn’t close to a s’more at all. It tasted like a marshmallow and graham cracker free campfire treat, and that just defeats the purpose of calling it a s’more, right? I ate it, but it was about as filling as a granola bar.

Check out the nutritional information here.

Holy flipping mint. I have some bad news and good news on this one. The bad news, it tastes like an energy bar. The chocolate (again) really doesn’t taste like chocolate and everything else has that chalky thing going on. Way too dry for my liking and about as filling as eating a rice krispie treat sans marshmallow.

The good news? You’ll have the mintiest breath ever after eating this bar.

Even though Chocolate Brownie is still holding its place as my favorite, Cool Mint Chocolate almost edged it out. It’s that good! You’re going to very quickly forget exactly what you’re eating as it tastes like a perfect blend between Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and a very perfectly satisfying brownie. Also completely kicks hunger’s behind.

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