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June 26, 2015
Ideal Protein Supplements

What You Need to Know

Up front, Ideal Protein is a diet plan with pre-packaged meals. The foods include shakes, soups, snacks and desserts. You follow a prescribed program, replacing traditional regimens with Ideal Protein products. All items are convenient to use when out and about, a benefit.

The product website was created in 2002, which makes this program long-lasting. Instructions are simple to follow under the guidance of a weight-loss center, a positive gesture. You can purchase Ideal Protein from designated locations. The company has earned a good BBB rating and the headquarters is large enough to support research and development, but read on…

Price – “Too High?”

The first issue we have with Ideal Protein ingredients is price. The products are only available through diet centers, so you have to pay for initial and subsequent appointments. It requires pre-packaged foods, increasing the overall price. “If you have to spend a large sum of money on a weight-loss program you may not stick with it over time, ” asserts our Research Editor. “Not only does a diet have to work, it has to be affordable.”

“Not sure I can stick it out for all the 60 lbs I want to lose as it is very expensive, ” one dieter explains.

“Wow, expensive, I’ll say. My initial visit cost was around $259 included supplements. At that point Ideal Protein foods for the next 7 days is $101.85, ” reports a buyer.

We also found one user that offers, “Its [terribly] expensive. It costs $416.00 a month and going up…”

for one of the best products we’ve seen over the last year.

Limited Food Choices – “Boring!”

One of the more common complaints about Ideal Protein relates to the limited food choices. You have to choose from the products available from your local center. Over time, dieters grow tired of the selections. “I started this diet last spring, and by week four, I was tired of salad veggies and Ideal Protein shakes, ” one buyer reports.

“I’m tired of eating broccoli, [cauliflower], mushrooms and lettuce. I’ve tried eating the ‘allowed’ veggies but I’m tired of the restriction, ” says a dieter.

Yet another user claims, “…after a while I grew tired of those silver packages of fake ‘food’.”

From our experience, it takes just one aspect about a program, like restriction, to deter long-term success. If Ideal Protein offers only a small selection of foods, this could be unsettling.

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