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July 10, 2016
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Roquette separates wheat, maize, pea and potato into their components – starch, oil, fiber and protein. Apart the carbohydrate resource, proteins are certainly among the most valuable derivatives, especially appreciated for their nutritive value.

  • Pea protein

    Pea protein is both a highly nutritive, digestible source of vegetable protein. For the food industry, NUTRALYS® pea protein is a highly purified GMO-free protein with amino-acids content close to that of the ideal protein as recommended by FAO/WHO.
    It is a supplement to the cereal proteins that is as rich in lysine, with excellent emulsifying and water retention properties making it particularly appreciated in meat and fish products.

  • Wheat gluten

    Wheat gluten is a unique protein with regard to its visco-elastic properties. VITEN® is the Roquette vital wheat gluten issued from sophisticated wheat selection, particularly appreciated in the milling and baking industries.
    Beyond its nutritive properties, VITEN® exhibits water absorption and retention up to twice its dry weight, with a natural combination of gliadin (extensibility) and glutenin (elasticity) for original characteristics.

    In the feed industry, non-soluble vital wheat gluten is adapted to the aqua-feed, for fishes and shrimps nutrition, while the soluble wheat protein VITEN® CWS is mainly used in the calf milk-replacers diets.

  • Maize (corn) gluten meal is a must among proteins used in the feed industry. Due to the carotenoïds pigments included in the “zein” maize protein, GLUTALYS® offers an original yellow coloration particularly appreciated for laying hens (orange shade of egg yolks) and poultry (meat pigmentation).

    Qualities of this highly digestible source of protein with a low mineral content are also appreciated in pet foods, cattle feed and fish farming, as well as in human foodstuffs and fermentation processes.

  • Potato protein
    Potato protein, the TUBERMINE®brand, is particularly rich in highly digestible amino-acids lysine, methionine, tryptophan and threonine, and particularly suitable for feeding piglets, calves and poultry.
  • Corn steep

    Corn steep is the first ingredient extracted from maize at the beginning of its wet-milling process. It consists in the soluble components, mainly amino-acids used as a nutritive substrate in the fermentation industries, for the growth of various microorganisms.

Vegan Protein Sources For Families
Vegan Protein Sources For Families
eating vegan chinese vegan protein sources for vegans
eating vegan chinese vegan protein sources for vegans ...
For vegans: great source of plant protein, calcium and iron
For vegans: great source of plant protein, calcium and iron

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